FBA 26: Community, branding and “you cannot fake consistency” with Alex De Fina of Pherform

Jack talks to Alex De Fina of Pherform about building community, strong branding and how you can’t fake consistency.

Alex has done these things very well at Pherform and he’s happy to share his thoughts and insights. Listen to episode 26 to take some important lessons from his journey and experience.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. How do you build community?
  2. “Their health and happiness really become part of our responsibility”
  3. “Work as a team to win as individuals”
  4. You can’t fake consistency
  5. Prepare and build up each client profile
  6. “The accumulation of small details means big results”
  7. Brand is hard to quantify, is the sum of all experiences



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My name is Jack Thomas and this is the Fitness Business Asia podcast. This is episode number 26 which is part 2 of our interview with Alex De Fina of Pherform, a boutique women’s-only studio in Hong Kong

If you haven’t already listened to part 1, I strongly recommend you go back and listen to episode 25 as Alex shares some real gems that he’s learned through his fitness business journey.

I had some feedback on part 1 of the interview with Alex that it complimented the previous podcast I’d done on recruitment, which was episode 24. I hadn’t made the connection but we sharediscuss a lot of the same principles when it comes to finding talent and building culture, so if recruitment and culture is something you’re struggling with, I’d recommend you to listen to episode 24, too.

So let’s get straight into part 2 of our interview with Alex De Fina…



That wraps up our two part interview with Alex De Fina of Pherform.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thanks Alex not just for his time, but for his willingness to share his thoughts and be so open. It’s definintely a common trait of people who are smashing it in this industry.

If you gained a lot from this episode there’s a couple of things you can do to help out this movement, which aims to raise the standards of the industry in Asia.

You can leave us a 5-star review on whatever platform you’re listening to, you can share this episode with a friend and you can follow us on Instagram at fitnessbusinessasia and tag a friend in a relevant post. If you could do one or all three of those I’d be very grateful as it all helps us impact more people.

That’s it from me, I did a whole load of great interviews in Singapore last week which I’ll be releasing shortly so watch this space.

Thanks for listening and wherever you are, have a great week ahead…

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