FBA 52: Creating a leading barre brand in Asia with Anabel Chew, co-founder of WeBarre

Anabel Chew is the co-founder of WeBarre, a barre concept with studios in Singapore and Hong Kong.


With an original vision to become Singapore’s leading Barre brand, Anabel and the team have certainly achieved this with big plans for their future.


In today’s episode we discuss…


  1. How WeBarre started
  2. What is Barre?
  3. How Anabel has combined music with barre
  4. How to create a great client experience
  5. Maintaining standards with expansion
  6. “Culture can be replicated”
  7. “Hire for attitude and a thirst to learn”
  8. How you know it’s time to open a second studio
  9. Attract and retain top talent
  10. International expansion and the HK and SG markets














Welcome to the FBA podcast. I am your host, JT, and for today’s episode we are talking to Anabel Chew who is the co-founder of WeBarre, one of Asia’s leading barre studios with locations in Singapore and Hong Kong.

Just to give you a heads up beforehand, the sounds quality is not up to our usual standards so apologies for that, but we get through some really solid and important topics such as creating strong company culture, recruiting and retaining top talent and international expansion.

I’ve had some great chats with Anabel since we shared the stage together at the FIT Summit earlier this year and am excited to see where their brand goes over the next year.

Speaking of the FIT Summit, by the time you listen to this I will be in Hong Kong representing BASE and Thailand so if you are there and wish to connect please contact me on LinkedIn or on Instagram at fitnessbusinessasia – I’d love to grab a coffee or at least grab a chat on the sidelines.

If you are going to the Summit please do join my panel, it’s at 2.30pm and I’m pumped to be moderating for some big guests with some great stories and insights.

OK, let’s get cracking, here is Anabel Chew of WeBarre…



That wraps up our interview with Anabel Chew. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Anabel for taking the time to share all her insights so openly. I learned a lot from her, especially her experiences with international expansion which is something we’re looking closely at.

There are links in the shownotes if you’d like to reach out to Anabel or if you’d like to talk to her about WeBarre and their expansion.

If you’ve enjoyed this episode there are two things you can do to help us spread this movement – 1, please leave us a 5 star review on iTunes – this really does help us rank better on searches and put us in front of more people. No 2, you can share this with a friend who might gain something from it. Many of the take homes today and not neccesarily fitness related so if you know anyone who’s starting a business, struggling with recruitment or culture, send it through.

That’s it for now, thanks for listening and we’ll catch you next week on the FBA podcast.

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