FBA 70: The journey from big box to boutique to 24-hour, with Charlie Temple of Platinum Fitness

Jack sits down with Charlie Temple of Singapore’s Platinum Fitness, a 24-hour gym in the CBD. Charlie has a diverse background in Asia’s industry, starting in the family business PURE before going on to found Topfit in Hong Kong. After selling that business, he entered the 24 hour gym space in Manila before hitting the Singapore market.

Charlie has consulted for top boutique offerings around Asia so his diverse background in many of Asia’s top markets makes him a great guest for the podcast.

In this episode we discuss:

  1. Location and presales in Hong Kong
  2. Opening TOPFIT
  3. Why premium offerings are hard to scale
  4. Freelance coaches vs your own employed coaches
  5. Don’t worry about your competition, worry about your customer
  6. Charlie’s transition from the boutique to the 24 hour space
  7. Going into Manila to look for opportunities












Welcome to the FBA podcast, my name is Jack Thomas, I’m the host of the show. In today’s episode I’m talking to Charlie Temple who’s currently owner Platinum Fitness in Singapore, but has a very diverse background all across Asia’s fitness scene, making him a great guest for the podcast.

Charlie started his career with a stint in the family business PURE in 2008, so he got a great insight into the market in HK just as it was really starting to gain pace.

Since then, he founded TOPFIT, one of Hong Kong’s most established and high end boutique training spaces and has consulted for other well-known fitness startups such as Tribe in Bangkok and FLEX in HK.

In our chat we talk about the various markets around Asia that he’s been involved in, employing your own coaches vs freelance coaches, why you shouldn’t obsess over your competition which is something I believe very strongly in and his transition from boutiques into the 24 hour space in Manila.

Ladies and gents, here is part 1 of our interview with Charlie Temple of Platinum Fitness…


That concludes part 1 of our interview with Charlie. Part 2 will be released shortly and we’ll be delving into valuing and selling a gym as well as more talk on what’s happening around Asia.

Charlie is a great guy and happy to connect with those in the industry so do feel free to reach out through LinkedIn and let him know that you enjoyed the podcast and gained something from it.

If you know anyone looking for some insights into the various fitness markets around Asia – perhaps they’re thinking of setting up a gym in the region and they’re not sure where to do it – do send them our interview with Charlie to help them understand the region a little better.

That’s it for today, have a great week and we’ll catch you on the next episode of the FBA.

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