FBA 10: ClassPass in Asia: Everything you need to know with Claire Goodill, GM of Expansion [Part 1 of 2]

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In episode 10, Jack talks to ClassPass’s former General Manager of Expansion for ClassPass who spearheaded the company’s growth across Asia.

With quick-fire launches across major cities in Asia – Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangkok, KL and Dubai – ClassPass have quickly established themselves as the premier class aggregator in the region.

ClassPass have had a major impact in the markets in they’ve entered and any fitness business owner should be up to scratch on their offering and how it affects them.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. What ClassPass is – to studios and gym-goers
  2. ClassPass’s history and how it evolved into what it is today
  3. How ClassPass differs to regional competitors Guavapass and K-Fit
  4. How Dynamic Pricing works
  5. The company’s plans for growth after a big funding round
  6. What’s next for ClassPass


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