FBA 43: 11 Social Media Content Ideas for Fitness Businesses

This episode will give you ideas and inspiration for the kind of content you can put out on your fitness business social media channels.

On today’s episode we cover:

  1. Testimonials – the grand daddy of fitness marketing
  2. Profiling your team and how to do it
  3. Do motivational quotes the right way
  4. Action shots and videos that will appeal to your target market
  5. Reposting client’s post – when to do this, when not to
  6. Workout tips as content
  7. Studio updates – keep clients updated
  8. Slick, branded photos for content
  9. Profile your partners in the spirit of giving











Welcome to the FBA podcast, my name is Jack Thomas and today we are looking at marketing with 11 content ideas for your fitness business social media.

At the end of this episode you’ll  have lots of ideas and inspiration for the kind of content you should be getting out there but before we get into that, I’d like to ask a big favour to help support this free resource which is give us a review on the platform you’re listening on, write a few words, tell us what you think – also, please subscribe, tap that little button and you’ll get a notification every Monday when we put out a fresh episode for you. Last thing – it’s just a little request – if you know anyone who will benefit from today’s episode please do send it them, whether it’s a colleague, a friend, we really want to get this info into as many hands as possible for maximum impact so we’d appreciate it.

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OK, let’s crack on with the podcast which is 11 content Ideas for Fitness Business Social Channels.

Now these are just ideas, there’s a lot to think about before you start smashing out content such as copywriting, image quality, who your target client is, all that stuff – but assuming you have all of that nailed down, these 11 ideas will help light up your social media.

Idea number 1 is the grand daddy of fitness marketing and that’s testimonials from clients.

The old classic one, which does still work, is before and after pics. Before someone looked like this, now they look like that. Now look – this does work and it has impact, especially if It’s a very significant transformation, but I feel that if it’s just a picture you are missing a trick, which is the wider story.

The more you can tell the story the better. You need the viewer, the consumer of the content, to really relate to the success story. So we need to actually tell the story more – video is great for this or you can use the caption, the copy, to tell a little bit about the person’s journey. Were they nervous when they started? How did they feel when they achieved their goal. How did your offering, your coaches, help them achieve your goals.

Quicker, easier content is to take a picture of video of your clients looking happy, perhaps with their coach, and get a few short quotes from them on their journey. Not too much, people don’t have time for essays, but a few soundbites that will inspire your potential clients, the people you want to help.

Number 2 Profiles of the coaches

Profile your instructors, coaches, trainers – whatever you call your team – tell their personal stories, what kind of clients they like working with, who they’ve helped in the past and some quirky facts about them such as their favourite cheat meal or what they do on their day off.

This helps to humanize the coaches and makes the barrier to working out with them a little easier to cross.

People are naturally a little intimidated by coaches so anything that humanizes them is a good thing. Make your profile of them light-hearted and accessible and it’ll help people feel that little bit more comfortable.

You can profile them with interviews, whether that’s video or text, maybe a quote from them or a tip. Use your imagination

One last tip – have the coaches smiling

OK, number 3 is the ubiquitous motivational quote. Yes, they are everywhere and they are somewhat cliched, but if they’re done right then they can have impact and they can inspire.

A few quick tips about doing motivational quotes

  1. Make them branded! Use your colours, fonts and images, do not just lift them off pinterest. Reposting other quotes looks lazy and off brand which isn’t a good look for your social feed.
  2. Don’t overdo them. Once a week is fine – don’t put a motivational quote in the caption of every single Instagram post. Too many and they kind of lose their impact.
  3. Maybe this is just me – don’t go too cheesey, try and pick quotes that are really do mean something and don’t just sound fluffy or just happen to rhyme.
  4. Another idea that worked well for us – get quotes from your team, ones that they live their lives by. It’ll help with some extra content and you’ll also help with that client/coach connection, too

Number 4 – Action shots or videos – something inspiring that highlights what you do. This doesn’t need to be ripped men and women doing muscle ups and human flags, just some inspiring pics or videos that highlight what clients can expect to do in your gym.

Pick subjects that are like your target client. If you’re a Crossfit box looking for beginners, show action pics of people who look like your target client, who look like people that are new to training. If it’s an advanced yoga class then athletes doing handstands and hitting tough poses is great, as you’re looking to appeal to these kind of people.

5 Reposts from clients – this is an easy one. You should be looking through all the tags at your gym on IG and FB. If there are any great ones then repost them on your page. If you do so – add a little caption of your own, thanking them for joining, giving a little context to their pic. I would say repost client pics sparingly and make sure it’s a post that tells a little story or can make the day of those consuming the content a little better. So a post-workout bathroom selfie probably isn’t going to do that, but someone posting a pic with their coach and telling the story of how far they’ve come could be good.

Last point on this one – if you have any influencers or celebrities that train and post I would recommend reposting on your feed as soon as possible after they post. Their followers will likely visit your page and if they see that there’s some reciprocal content on your page they will likely take more of an interest in you.

Number 6 – workout tips. This should be easy, just some tips on how to do what you do. If it’s rhythm cycling, it can be how to adjust your bike. If it’s yoga, it can be something on breathing correctly. If it’s HIIT it can be how to do a squat, or when you know you’re ready to do a squat jump. If it’s a chain gym it can be how to use your most popular 4 machines properly.

We’re in the fitness game and so this should be easy, the hard or harder part is presenting it in a way that’s easy to understand and enjoyable to consume, but if you and the team get together you should be able to work on some good ways to present some workout and training tips.

Number 7 – Class profiles, so at BASE we have 6 or 7 different types of classes so we periodically preview what each class is, who it’s for, what kind of exercises to expect. If you’re doing this on ig you can save the profiles to highlights so new clients can access the info easily, as one of the most common questions you’ll get is what is this class? Or what is that class?

I think keep the class profiles crisp and clean – long descriptions or in depth analysis of what to expect isn’t needed and will only confuse people, unless perhaps it’s very advanced in which case you might want to go a bit deeper.

Number 8 is Studio updates – holidays, closures

It’s important that you get these things out. A couple of times I’ve gone to studios and they’ve been closed for some reason and on checking their social media there’s nothing on there. This has left me pretty pissed off as you can imagine as it’s been a wasted trip, and I’d think twice about going back.

This is pretty easy to do – schedule these in advance in your content calendar for the whole year. Make up some nice graphics with ‘holiday schedule’, or ‘schedule change’ and your clients can be fully informed of what’s going on at your studio.

Number 9 – I like this one, Nice slick ‘branded pictures’ – if you have a slick brand like Soul Cycle or Barry’s Bootcamp there are tons of opportunities for a nice picture that displays the logo that can be somewhat aspirational. For us, we use the neon sign of BASE which has become somewhat synonomous with our brand, we use close ups of the logo on someone’s shirt as they train, some of our Adidas x BASE merchandise with a nice background, a close up of our branded kettlebells with our logo and fonts on.

For these kind of shots, a proper photographer really helps as the photo should look quite striking, so an iphone is probably not gonna cut it on this one.

Number 10 Partner profile – you can go back to episode xx to see more on how to develop good partnerships with businesses that compliment yours and vice versa but a few ideas are healthy restaurants, physios, leisure wear or sports wear brands – once you have these partnerships up and running then highlight them on your social media, show them some love. You can tell your clients about the discounts they get with your partners or highlight their services and by helping out their business and offering them some value you should get some reciprocal help from their end too, hopefully.

I think partner profiles shouldn’t be done too often, your offering and your clients stories should make up the bulk of what you put out there, but a highlight every month or so of people you work with can reap benefits.

Last content idea – number 11 – is highlight some of your other staff! Your clients will see your front desk team, your cleaners every day so tell their story a little bit. This can help to build the community a little more and your team might enjoy being featured – perhaps check with them first. If you have a back end team such as marketing or admin maybe a little something every now and again to show the people that make it all possible will have people feeling warm about your business.

So, that wraps up our list of content ideas. let’s recap those 11 things that you can use for your social media.

That is it for today – thank you for listening. My next solo episode is going to be a bit of fun and that’s things that you should not be posting onto your socials, so if you enjoyed today’s episode subscribe and you’ll get a notification when that comes out.

Before you go, I am on LinkedIn – search for Jack Thomas or click the link in the shownotes to find me – it would be great to connect with you on there so please do find me on there.

As always, thank you for listening, I appreciate your time and support. Until next time, have a great week and I’ll catch you soon…

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