FBA 04: Photography Essentials For Fitness Business Marketing [The FitBiz Fix]

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Welcome to the FitBiz Fix – a bite-sized episode that tackles one small (but important) fitness industry topic in 5 minutes.

Today’s FitBiz Fix tackles photography. Your photography represents your business so make sure you get this important aspect right.

Keep listening to the end for the one thing you absolutely must not do when it comes to your business’s marketing.

Some of the keypoints from today’s episode:

[0:01] What is the FizBiz Fix?
[0:57] Why you shouldn’t be using a phone for photography
[2:13] Understand how photography represents your business.
[2:30] A method to collect some bulk photography that can be used
[2:55] The one thing you should avoid at all costs
[4:20] Recap of the points

Episode 4 Transcript

I’d like to welcome you to a new section of the show which I’m calling the FitBiz Fix.

Now this is a bite-sized episode of just 5 minutes with a big emphasis on one point. Some messages can get lost in long podcasts and I’d hate for that to happen, so in the FitBiz Fix I’ll be finding one important point and hammering it home hard.

I think with a 5 minute podcast there’s no excuse for not taking positive action on it today.

We’re already a minute in, so let’s crack on

Today we’re talking photography. This could easily make up a long form podcast but today I want to just get out a few key messages – the first one is do not use an iphone for your fitness business photography. I see many business social media feeds with poor quality images that have just been taken with a phone without a moment’s care or thought. Sometimes they’re a bit blurred, usually they’re not cropped and they almost always look terrible.

As we discussed in episode 3 – your social media feed is a direct reflection of your business so if your photos look unprofessional, sloppy and without care, as a potential client, I’m going to assume your service and product is the same.

As a fitness business owner you cannot do everything. You need to know what you’re good at and what needs to be outsourced, and usually photography needs to be outsourced.

At the start of your business you need to represent it in the best possible way so get a professional photographer to come in and take some great shots that represent your training space, your team, your offering and the type of clients you’re aiming.

I think natural photos are better than staged so just put on a big workout and have the photographer take photos of them training. Obviously get their permission before the workout by letting them know you’ll be taking pics and sharing them on social media. For this reason it’s often better to put on a special workout with invited people, who should also represent your target market.

There’s only one thing worse than a thoughtless iphone snap and that’s stock photos. I’m going to say this once and I want to be very clear – do not use stock photography in your social media, website or any other place that represents your business. It looks lazy, it doesn’t represent what you do and most stock photography looks cheesy and fake.

The only exception to this would be, perhaps, if you needed a stock photography pic for apples or a glass of juice or something like that for a newsletter on a nutritional seminar but even in these instances it’s much better if you can use your own photos.

The worst cases of this are the stock personal training photos, obviously completely staged with fake trainers and fake clients with ridiculous smiles. No matter where you’re positioning yourself in the market there are no excuses for using these so if they are part of your social media go back and delete them forever, and if they’re on your website change them immediately.

FitBiz Fix Recap:

Don’t use your phone to take social media pics unless perhaps it’s an occasion that couldn’t be captured by a professional.

Invest in good photography for your fitness business, especially when you start out. This could literally be make or break for whether people bother to come or not.

Never use stock photos of humans. Ever.

Thanks for listening to the FitBix Fix and I’ll see you next time.

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