Bonus Episode: A method to help you hit your 2019 goals

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In this special new year episode, Jack talks about a strategy he’s used in the past to hold himself accountable for his goals.

Sometimes motivation, procrastination or prioritizing other things makes progress hard. This is normal and fine, even good, to admit – but when it stops you from making the progress you deeply crave, you need to take drastic action.

Jack wraps up the episode with some brief reflections on what we can learn from 2018 to take into 2019.

Enjoy this sharp and snappy FitBiz Fix episode and happy new year to you.



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Welcome to a special new year edition of the Fitness Business Asia podcast, the last one of 2018

I did say last week that we’d be taking a break but a couple of months ago I made a little promise to myself that I would get an episode out every Monday, so skipping a week just doesn’t sit well with me.

So here’s a FitBiz Fix episode to wrap up the year. For those unfamiliar, our FitBiz Fix episodes are bite sized 5 minute podcast that you can digest quickly but pack a big punch.

So in today’s fix I want to talk about goal setting and in particular one aspect.

As I mentioned, I said to myself that I would launch an episode each week with a podcast every Monday, but if I slipped up or got lazy who would know? Nobody. It would just be my dirty little secret.

One of the best ways to really make yourself hit your goals is to tell as many people as possible. Get it out there to as many people as you can for ultimate accountability.

The more dramatic the declaration and the more people you tell, the more likely it is you’ll go through with it, through fear of looking stupid if you don’t. There’s nothing wrong with this – tapping into this fear might be what it takes to get you doing something.

This is a one reason why people sign up for big charity runs and announce it everywhere that they’re doing it. It pretty much forces them to train, prep and actually do it.

Another good analogy is a wedding. I used to think big weddings were a bit ridiculous, but I’ve started to look at it through a different lens now. Everyone at your wedding are essentially witnesses and you’re making a big public declaration of what you’re doing – committing to another person for life. This makes it pretty hard to back out of it when things get rough, which is better for everyone.

See your goal declaration in the same light – the more people you tell, the more witnesses you have, the harder it will be to back of it when things get rough.

I used this tool a few years back when I was doing nutritional experiments. I did 30 days of veganism and knew it would be tough for me. So I announced on fb what I was doing and i wrote that if you saw me, to ask how it was going. This then gave me no choice – I had to do it. And backing out didn’t even cross my mind.

Social media makes this strategy easier – simply post your big goal and you’ll soon be getting a bunch of likes and comments which will make backing out embarrasing, which is great – backing out of your goals should be embarrasing.

So, I’ll do you a deal – I’ll go first: I’ve got some specific business goals for next year but I want to put two podcast goals out there today:

  • Firstly is the one I said to myself but haven’t said out loud yet: in 2019 I will release a podcast a week, so 52 in total
  • The second one is to hit 15,000 downloads for the year on the podcast. Our downloads are going up substantially each month so I’m confident we can hit this and even more.

So to help me I’d like to ask for a couple of Christmas favors: firstly, if you see me ask me how I’m doing so far – I don’t want to tell you that the podcast has slowed down or missed episodes, so this accountability will help me.

Secondly, to help our downloads gain momentum towards the 15,000 pls take a look at our previous episodes and download any podcasts that you think might help your business. If you know a friend or colleague who might benefit from our content then please do send them our way.

Lastly, please do send any fitness business questions or topics you’d like covered to me at [email protected] – this will help to keep those fresh weekly episodes coming every Monday.

There’s a few favors in there so ill repay your kindness with two things: one, is great Fitness Business content, of course.

Two, if you need accountability for your goal – tell me about it. Drop me an email or comment with your goal on any of our photos on our Instagram account at Fitness Business Asia, all one word, and when I see you I’ll ask you about it.

That wraps up today’s tip, action it in the new year and trust me, it’ll make backing out of your goals a lot harder.

To wrap up today’s episode I just wanted to share the answer I gave recently to the following question, which I was asked for an industry article…


Have a great new year everyone – 2018 was awesome and I can just feel that 2019 is going to be event better.

Happy new year from the Fitness Business Asia podcast and Until next time, enjoy the holiday break and take care of yourself…

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