FBA 18: What it takes to start your studio and Asia insights with top gym consultant Noël Nocciolo [Part 1 of 2]

In episode 18, Jack sits down with Noël Nocciolo of Boutique Fitness Talks. Noël is a top consultant for indoor cycling studios with a huge depth of knowledge and experience on the Asian market. Her background working with some of the biggest boutique fitness studios worldwide makes for a very insightful discussion.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. Will we see more mergers and collaborations in Asia’s market?
  2. How joining forces with other studios can elevate the industry
  3. How Noël uses ‘mystery shopping’
  4. Consultants vs customer feedback
  5. What you get with a gym consultant
  6. Why you cannot create a concept and train your staff by simply visiting other studios
  7. How brands should be localized, even with international concepts



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Welcome to the Fitness Business Asia podcast. I’m Jack Thomas, I’m the founder and CEO of a fitness studio in Bangkok called BASE and I’m also the host of this podcast.

If you’re new to the podcast then welcome, I’m sure you’ll gain some great insights from today’s interview and I’d recommend going back through our past episodes to see if there’s anything that we cover that could be helpful to you.

If you’re a regular listener to the podcast then I hope you’ve been well since our last episode and welcome back.

Today’s interview is with Noel Nocciolo who is the perfect person to talk about Asia’s fitness industry with.

She has worked as a consultant all around Asia and although her area of expertise is indoor cycling there are many strong take aways for anyone involved in the fitness industry in this region. Noel has a very strong background, has worked all over Asia and trained at one of the top indoor cycling studios in the world, back when boutique fitness training was hardly even a thing.

In this episode we cover predictions in the coming few years for Asia’s fitness industry, how mergers and collaborations might start to shape the industry, what consultants offer and how they can help, why you should sometimes be cautious when it comes to client feedback, some training essentials when developing your concept and why it’s important for brands to be localized, even if the concept is originally from the west.

I’m sure you’ll agree, lots of great topics there. Hearing about Noel’s journey in both the US and Asia makes for great listening so get your pen and paper ready and let’s do this…


So there we have it – part one of our interview with Noel Nocciolo. I love speaking to fitness and gym consultants about the industry because they get a deep insight into the inner workings of the businesses they work with, that’s hard to get when looking from the outside. I always find it interesting to hear their thoughts and perspectives and I’m sure you’ll agree there was a lot of great info in there.

If you haven’t already subscribed to our podcast then please do so – we put out an episode every Monday that are a mix of interviews and solo podcasts by myself. We keep our podcasts short and action-packed so you can give your fitness business a little boost each week.

We welcome all reviews and emails so get in touch, connect on LinkedIn and if you gained insight today, please leave a 5-star review to help others find the podcast.

I’d like to thank Noel for her thoughts but it doesn’t end there – the good news is that this is a two part interview so we’ve got more coming at you next week from Noel.

Be sure to download our next episode.. thanks for listening and have a great week…

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