FBA 05: Interview with JJ Sweeney, his journey and reflections on 23 years in Asia’s fitness industry and scaling to 64 gyms [Part 1 of 2]

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Today’s show is our first ever interview and we’ve a very special guess – JJ Sweeney, founder and former VP of Celebrity Fitness.

From initial idea, JJ pounced on the opportunity in the fitness market in Indonesia and saw his chain grow to 64 studios across Asia.

This podcast is a must for anyone in big box or chain gyms or simply anyone in the Asia fitness scene.


  1. A summary of JJ’s 30-year fitness journey, 23 of those years in Asia
  2. How Asia’s fitness industry has changed and evolved during his career in the region
  3. JJ’s new project in Jakarta and how it will bring something new to the market
  4. The massive growth that Celebrity Fitness experienced and the challenges of scale
  5. The importance of mentors
  6. The importance of company culture and how JJ has developed his culture.
  7. The best way to view competition.
  8. The marketing campaign that had massive impact at Celebrity that is still being used today.


Website: www.fitnessbusinessasia.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/fitnessbusinessasia


Paradigm Fitness: https://paradigmfitnessindonesia.com/

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