FBA 21: The Power of Social Media Marketing with Jake Anderson of One Life

In episode 21, Jack talks all things social media with Jake Anderson of One Life.

One Life help gyms bring in new clients by combining an attractive opening offer with a well-structured social media campaign to target, and re-target, the right potential clients.

We are in a golden age of paid social media marketing and Jake and his company are doing big things at the moment in this area.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. What marketing channels you should be focusing on
  2. Common marketing mistakes that gyms make
  3. The importance of the right offer to bring people in
  4. What you can start doing for your marketing TODAY – even on a tight budget
  5. The challenges business owners are facing in the region
  6. What’s going on in the Asian market with marketing
  7. Why you must have a strong sales process



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ONE LIFE SOCIAL MEDIA https://thefitsummit.com

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My name is Jack Thomas and welcome back to the Fitness Business Asia podcast. Our last episode was on using your Instagram account to full effect and today’s podcast compliments that perfectly. Today, we goes deeper into social media marketing with Jake Anderson of One Life Social Media.

One Life solve the problem of bringing people into your gym, which they do by effective social media marketing campaigns, targeted at the right people. They also help the gyms that they work with create the right sales processes so that they can convert the trial clients into long term paying members of the gym.

  • Today’s conversation is focused around social, and we discuss a number of useful and important points including:
  • What marketing channels Jake recommends we use
  • The common mistakes that gym owners are facing
  • How to convert free or cheap trials into real customers
  • What you can start doing now for your marketing, even if you have very little budget to work with
  • How the Asian market is doing with their marketing

Our marketing podcasts have been the most downloaded and Jake really is an expert in this field, so I’m sure you’ll get a lot from today’s episode.

Get your pen and paper ready to make notes on things to work on. Here is our interview with Jake Anderson of One Life Social Media.



That was Jake Anderson of One Life Social Media.

I’m sure you’ll agree there are were some great insights from Jake in there and we hope you’ve taken some notes and you’ve got some things to work on moving forward.

If you’d like to contact Jake his details are in the shownotes – he’s always happy to speak to gym owners about their struggles and if you’ve not got enough people coming through the doors of your gym, he certainly knows how to bring people in with social.

That wraps up today’s episode – I hope you enjoyed today’s chat with Jake, if you did please do leave us a 5-star review on iTunes and tell a friend of work colleague who may benefit.

Wherever you are, have a great week and we’ll catch you next Monday for a fresh episode on the Fitness Business Asia podcast…

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