FBA 08: The untapped power of LinkedIn networking and marketing with Steve Bruce

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In episode 8, Jack talks to Hong Kong’s top LinkedIn marketing coach, Steve Bruce, on how to get the most out of this powerful platform and how fitness professionals can use it to increase their network and strengthen their personal brand.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. Who should be using LinkedIn
  2. How to create an ‘All-star Profile’ and increase your exposure
  3. How to build your network in the right way and why it’s so important
  4. The kind of content to post that strengthens your brand and leads to business
  5. Why testimonials and endorsements are so important in the fitness industry and how this fits well into the LinkedIn model


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My name is Jack Thomas and this is the Fitness Business Asia podcast. If you’re new to the show, then welcome to our project that we’ve set up to help elevate the fitness scene in Asia. We aim to achieve this by educating coaches, investors, managers and anyone else working in the fitness and wellness sector in this region.

I recommend going back through our previous episodes to see if there are any topics we’ve covered that you will benefit from. We’ve covered branding, recruitment, photography and partnerships in previous episodes to name a few topics, so if that sounds like something you could benefit from then take a look at the archives.

If you’ve already heard these then welcome back to the podcast, we’ve got a very special one today that I’ve been very excited to share ever since we did the interview.

On a recent trip to Hong Kong I caught up with Steve Bruce who is Hong Kong’s top LinkedIn coach. Steve helps people get the most out of LinkedIn and he really showed me the untapped potential of this platform.

In my interview with Steve we cover:

  • Why can benefit from LinkedIn
  • Who linkedIn is good for
  • How to create an all-start profile
  • How to build your network in the right way
  • The kind of content you should be posting to help get business from this platform
  • Why testimonials and endorsements are so important in the fitness industry and how this fits well into the LinkedIn model

Facebook and Instagram is busy and pretty saturated so I’m sure you’ll take some big things from this podcast, so let’s get into it…

See above for the interview…

I hope you gained as much valuable insight into LinkedIn as I did. I’d like to thank Steve again for taking time out of his busy schedule to share some of those gems with us.

If you enjoyed today’s show please do give us a 5-star rating on iTunes as it helps us to reach more people.

We’d also greatly appreciate it if you could share this podcast with anyone who is in the fitness industry or those who may benefit from the power of LinkedIn marketing.

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