FBA 46: The 6 Types of Marketing Content You SHOULDN’T Be Posting

In this episode Jack covers types of marketing content you SHOULD NOT be posting or putting out there.

We see these things everyday but don’t worry – we’ve all been guilty of a few of these – let us know if we missed any out!On episode 46 we cover:

  1. No one likes an empty gym
  2. Why group pictures aren’t exciting for most people
  3. Why aspirational shots don’t always work
  4. When to use stock photos
  5. Invest in strong photography
  6. Business pages are for business!








Welcome to the FBA Podcast, I am your host, Jack Thomas and today we’re back to social media content with things that you absolutely should not be doing.

If you want a more positive spin on social media then go back to episode 43 of the FBA podcast where I give 11 ideas for the type of content you can and should be posting. So if you want inspiration, go back to episode 43 and listen to that one first.

Today’s episode is supposed to be a bit of fun so don’t be too upset if you’ve used some of these in your social media, almost every fitness business has been guilty of at least one of these.

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OK – so onto today’s episode which is 5 things you should NOT be posting on your fitness business socials.

Number 1 – Pictures of an empty gym or machines.

A sponsored ad from a big box chain popped up on my news feed the other day and it was about 10 images of their brand new empty gym. There was the chest press machine, a treadmill, a leg extension, a bike, you get the idea – there was not one human in the pictures and it looked, overall, like a pretty depressing place.

Highlighting what equipment is in there is fine and important, but it wouldn’t have taken much to spice these pictures up. The quick fix would’ve been to work out who their target market is, let’s say men and women between 25 and 45 who are a bit intinmidated by gyms, add in humans that are between 25 and 45 and are smiling and look like they’re enjoying being there and you’d have a much impactful and attractive ad.

Bottom line: pics of the gym are fine, but have people in there too that your target market can relate to.

Number 2 – group pictures after a workout

We’ve all been there – You’ve finished a workout and the coach gets everyone together for a group pic. That’s great and I think people are pretty happy to be involved and to share on their social media. The only problem is, anyone who isn’t in the photo, doesn’t care. It doesn’t tell a story, it doesn’t say anything about what kind of workout it was it just says, we had a busy class which is I think why gyms like to put it up, to show that things are lively.

I do think there is a place for these pics to go up on social media but I would use them very sparingly – like for big events, special workouts that have a deeper message, something like that

Some gyms socials are just full of post-workout group pics which is lovely for everyone there, but if I’m not in them, I struggle to get excited.

Number 3 – pictures of people looking ripped.

If your gym marketing consists of ripped men and women, photoshopped and looking like greek gods and goddesses, you’re going to scare off a lot of people.

There is a place for an aspirational pic but the bulk of your images should be of people that look like your target market.

Ultimately you want people to look at your marketing and think ‘this place is for me. I will belong here’. If your socials and ads are just 100% of people looking like fitness models and you want to encourage beginners to come in and start their training it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Another gripe I have with images like this as they’re often so heavily edited and just look like soulless stock photos – they’ve been used many times before and they’re not going to inspire anyone.

Now one exception to this is if someone came into your gym 20kg overweight with health problems and now they’re in incredible shape, you want to tell that story all day long – how they did it, how they felt when they hit their goal, the struggles they had and that if they can do it, you can too.

Number 4 – Stock images

Stock images look terrible. They’re not of your business, for a start, and they almost always look devoid of any soul or character. If they’re doing a squat or deadlift the technique will almost certainly be awful and it usually looks like a completely staged and unrealistic interaction. The personal trainer stock photo is a classic example – both trainer and client smiling and glowing while doing a 2kg bicep curl, the trainer is usually a guy, the client usually a girl, he’s spotting her 2kg weight enthusiastically.

These kind of images will tell people that you offer personal training, they will not bring anyone to your gym.

Number 5 – iphone pics

So your gym is busy, you’ve got a lively class so you whip out your phone and take a snap. Looks pretty cool so you upload it straight onto Instagram with a caption like ‘seize the day’. Boom – your marketing is done for the day. Great, except when you take a closer look the guy in the back of the class is blurred, the lighting isn’t great, there’s a load of dumbbells that have been left out and the image isn’t totally straight.

Every image you put up is a representation of your business so I’d recommend getting a professional photographer to come in and take photos that are befitting of your gym and brand. If budget is really tight then by all means use an iphone, but do it properly – find someone with some creativity and photographic flair, take care with the pic, crop it, put a filter on maybe, just take some pride in it and get it to a respectable state.

Bottom line: hastily taken pics with a phone without any love or attention are not going to represent your business well.

Number 6 – Personal pics on business social medi

Your business page is for your business. Your personal page is for your personal stuff. Don’t get the two confused – I’ve seen holiday snaps on business pages and, worst of all – rants on life, difficult clients.

I’ll say it again: your business page is for things that benefit your clients. Your personal page is where you get to do and say whatever you want.. although, as a business owner I would also be very careful about what you put on your personal page. Personally, I choose for my personal social media pages to be apolitical and free of negativity.

Recap That wraps up today’s episode, I hope you enjoyed it. If you have any questions you’d like anwered on the podcast please reach out and get in touch. All my details are in the shownotes and LinkedIn is my preferred social nowadays.

Please remember to tell a friend and wherever you are, have a great week and I’ll catch you next time.

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