FBA 62: Sales, social media and going from coach to business owner, from Jack Thomas for the One Life Show

Jake Anderson of the One Life Show interviews Jack Thomas on sales, marketing and the ups and downs of building a fitness business.

In this episode, we touch on

  1. The difference between being a great coach and running a great business
  2. Building a business without burning out
  3. Why you need the right social media strategy to grow your business
  4. How to use word of mouth to accelerate growth
  5. Creating a thorough sales process
  6. Tying in your business with your mission
  7. What it takes to be successful
  8. How and why you grow with your business

Check out me interviewing Jake Anderson on episode 21 of the Fitness Business Asia podcast










Welcome to the Fitness Business Asia podcast. I am your host, Jack Thomas, and we’ve got something a little different for you today which is an interview that I did with Jake Anderson from One Life social media earlier this year.

First up – if you are in Asia and you’re involved in any way in the health and fitness industry – subscribing to this podcast will be big for you – we release an episode every week that will help take you, or your fitness business, to the next level. So pause this podcast right now, hit subscribe and we can crack on. If you know anyone who is in the fitness industry in Asia – that might be a colleague, a friend who’s thinking of opening a gym or someone looking to invest, tell them to look us up, they can do that by searching FBA anywhere, and you will have done them a big favor.

We’ve interviewed some big fitness leaders from around Asia since we launched the podcast and although I feel very blessed to have the opportunity to meet these people and ask them whatever I like, it’s also great fun to be on the other side every now and again as an interviewee.

I had a lot of fun chatting to Jake, he’s doing some great things with ONE LIFE social media so if you need more leads for your gym I highly recommend you check out what they do.

You can check them out at onelifesocialmedia.com – the link is in the episode notes of this show.

Here is me being interviewed by Jake Anderson of The One Life Show, and One Life Social Media…

Big thanks to Jake of One Life for interviewing me for his show.

We’ve are ending the year strong with some really great guests coming up over the next few weeks so don’t forget to subscribe so you get a notification every Monday when we post.

Have a great week and we’ll catch you next time on the FBA podcast…

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