FBA 63: Scaling to 6 studios and custom building a world-class fitness app with Pete Thew of Yoga Movement

Pete’s first interview with Jack was one of our most popular and downloaded episodes – go back to episodes 13 and 14 to check it out.

A lot has happened in the last year with Pete and the team at Yoga Movement, so we check in on how his 7th studio build has gone and the ups and downs of building a seamless, slick and interactive app for Yoga Movement.

Our first interview with Pete:

FBA 13: What does it mean to create a brand with Peter Thew of Yoga Movement [Part 1 of 2]

FBA 14: Branding, values and the fitness industry ecosystem with Peter Thew of Yoga Movement [Part 2 of 2

In the episode we touch on

  1. Opening his 7th location
  2. His learnings from the first 6 studio builds
  3. What goes into the experience beyond the training?
  4. Why Yoga Movement built their own app
  5. How to make the most out of your studio as it gets busy











Welcome to the FBA podcast, I am the host of the show, Jack Thomas.

Today’s episode welcomes back Pete Thew from Yoga Movement in Singapore. I first met Pete about 18 months ago at a Welltodo event in Singapore and when I first reached out to him a year ago he was kind enough to jump on and share some insights into branding and his journey with YM. Those episodes 13 and 14 were two of our most popular episodes up to now and Pete was very generous and open with his insights and thoughts so I highly recommend you go back to those episodes, they are certainly under the category of must-listen.

We teamed up with YM for a pop up class in Bangkok combining the BASE and YM methods of training and it was a massive hit. We held two events in two of our locations and it went down a storm with the Bangkok crowd.

Pete is a great friend and for me one of the leading figures in the industry in Asia. Really excited to see where YM goes and I’ve also been really excited to release this podcast.

Ladies and gents, here is Pete Thew, co-founder of Yoga Movement.



That wraps up part 1 of our interview, I’m sure you got a lot from today’s chat and don’t forget to go back to episodes 13 and 14 for more chat with Pete.

Next week we talk about his academy and how that’s played a big part in their success, partnerships and potential pitfalls in bringing on partners and collaboration in the industry in Asia and how that can benefit you.

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Thank you for listening, as always, and wherever you are have a great week and we’ll catch you next Monday for another episode of the FBA podcast…

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