FBA 87: Managing industry shifts with 20+ locations across 2 territories, with Sean Tan of True Group

Sean Tan is the Director of True Group, overseeing the growth and development of an industry-leading big box operation across Singapore and Taiwan.

Sean and True Group have been at the forefront of the big box scene with innovative concepts and strong growth over the last few years.

Hear how Sean has navigated the last few months, how Taiwan’s gyms have stayed open and how to negotiate with your landlord on rental rates.

Today is part 1 of our two part interview. Tune into episode 88 for the second half where we discuss digital fitness.













Today, I’m very happy to welcome to the podcast Sean Tan, Director of TRUE Group.

I’ve been talking to Sean for a while now about him coming onto the podcast to talk about some of the great things he’s been doing at True. I do like to do these podcasts face to face, but that of course is tough at the moment. Like the fitness industry, here at the podcast we have shifted our interviews into the digital space so that’s offered opportunities to get more episodes out when we as an industry need it most.

I talk to Sean about how the last few months have been in Singapore and Taiwan, where the True group have over 20 locations between the two territories. 

Two great takeaways for me were how True benefited from staying open for as long as possible, to continue to offer what Sean considers an important service to people, and also Sean’s thoughts on landlord negotiations. Whatever the size of your business, I think you’ll get some ideas on how to approach landlords and about negotiations in general.

It was also interesting to hear about Taiwan, which are allowing gyms to stay open, and how that could offer an insight into consumer behaviour when we reopen.

Today is part 1 of our interview, with part 2 coming on Wednesday, where we delve into the hot topic of the moment – digital and online offerings.

Ladies and gents, here is Sean Tan, Director of True Group…



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Do not miss Weds episode to hear part 2 with Sean and all about his thoughts on digital fitness…



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