FBA 88: Digital Fitness, Collaboration and Leadership with Sean Tan or True Group [Part 2 of 2]

Jack welcomes back Sean for a candid discussion on digital fitness now and in the future, as well as insights into the need for collaboration, leadership and togetherness to elevate the industry and come out of the current crisis stronger.

In part 1 we discussed how Sean has been managing industry shifts across multiple locations and countries. Wherever you’re at in the industry, there are some great take homes from Sean’s interview.

Listen to part 1 (episode 87) of Sean’s interview here







Welcome to the FBA podcast

Today we welcome back Sean Tan, Director of True Group, for part 2 of our interview.

True Group has over 20 locations offering personal training, group classes and open gym across Taiwan and Singapore, so in our last episode we discussed the industry shifts that Sean and his team at True are currently navigating.

If you haven’t heard part 1 go back and take a listen – there are strong take homes that are relevant to all gym owners, for me two stand out topics were how Taiwan’s gyms have been over this period as they have remained open and also Sean talks about the right way to negotiate with landlords, which is something every fitness business is going through right now.

Today is a value-packed episode also with Sean touching on…

  • Digital fitness
  • The whole world is your competition
  • Can we make digital fitness sustainable
  • Will people stick with digital offerings?
  • How does personal training fit into digital fitnes
  • How should you put your cleanliness message out
  • Postiive things that can come out of Covid
  • Collaboration at this time – why it’s so important
  • Leadership and togetherness at this time

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Here is part 2 of our interview with Sean Tan



That wraps up part 2 of our interview with Sean Tan of True Group. I’d like to thank Sean for taking the time to share his insights and thoughts with all of us. We will get together again after this little episode the world is going through for another chat on the other things True Group have been doing to push fitness forward.

Thanks for listening guys, have a great week and we’ll catch you next time on the Fitness Business Asia podcast.



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