FBA 16: Why collaboration, connectivity and integrity are key to elevating Asia’s fitness industry with Ross Campbell of The FIT Summit

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In episode 16, Jack sits down with Ross Campbell, founder and CEO of The FIT Summit.

The FIT Summit is the region’s first major B2B conference for the fitness industry and their first full event will be in Singapore on 20th March 2019. Whilst organizing the event, Ross has connected with many of the region’s fitness business owners across the full spectrum of fitness and from the big chains to the small boutiques. This has given Ross a deep insight into what’s happening right now and Ross was very kind to share his thoughts with the Fitness Business Asia podcast.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. Why connectivity will help Asia’s industry grow
  2. How personal and business growth is a strong value of his and the FIT Summit
  3. The huge importance of integrity in our industry and how we all suffer when this isn’t upheld
  4. Be a collaborator; share knowledge
  5. The challenges business owners are facing in the region
  6. Cultural differences across Asia when looking at ‘a career in fitness’ and what’s being done to change this
  7. Singapore’s scene and how it’s often a gateway to Asia for international franchises and businesses
  8. Franchising vs starting a passion project



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Welcome to the Fitness Business Asia podcast. I am your host, Jack Thomas, and the aim of this podcast is to create the region’s premier resource for the fitness business in Asia.

We release a podcast each and every Monday that are a mix of solo podcasts from myself and interviews with industry leaders from around the region sharing their knowledge and experience.

If it’s your first time to the podcast thanks for joining and welcome – if you like today’s episode please click the subscribe button for a fresh episode each week and also I’d recommend going back through our previous episodes to downloading those on any topics you need help with.

Today’s podcast is with Ross Campbell who is the founder and CEO of the Fit Summit. The FIT Summit will be holding regular B2B conferences and networking events throughout Asia with the goal of raising the standards of the region’s fitness industry, so their aims are very much aligned with those of this podcast.

As you’ll hear in this interview we also share many of the same values. We have a shared view that collaboration, connectivity and integrity are key to this industry really thriving in Asia.

Today you’ll hear us talk about why you shouldn’t be afraid to share knowledge – and why our industry’s leaders are so open, the biggest challenges we’re facing, why fitness franchising is on the rise, we touch on the Singaporean market and what’s happening there and how Singapore is often the gateway into Asia’s fitness industry.

As the organizer of an event that values connectivity, Ross has reached out to fitness businesses across the region and in all disciplines. This has given him a really valuable insight into what’s happening right now in Asia, and where it’s likely to go.

Today I’m pleased to share our interview and as always, I recommend having a pen and paper to make notes on the important points that are relevant to you..



That was Ross Campbell of the FIT Summit. I’m sure you’ll agree, there were a lot of big take homes there.

I will be at the FIT Summit  March representing Bangkok and I would really love to meet as many people as possible there. If you’re attending please do reach out as I’d love to connect.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Ross for his time and his thoughts. It’s always nice to interview someone who presents his ideas so clearly and if you’re involved in the fitness industry please do reach out to Ross, I know he’s happy to connect with others as that’s a core value of his and the Summit’s.

There are links to the FIT Summit, Ross’s and my LinkedIn page in the show notes so we hope to hear from you, and we hope to see you in Singapore in March.

Thanks again for listening, don’t forget to send this podcast to a friend who may benefit from the topics we discuss

Wherever you are, have a great week from the Fitness Business Asia podcast and I’ll catch you soon…

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