FBA 14: Branding, values and the fitness industry ecosystem with Peter Thew of Yoga Movement [Part 2 of 2]

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In episode 14, we continue our interview with Peter Thew of Yoga Movement. We touch on many topics including branding, as well as a deeper dive into values, motivation and why ‘following your passion’ is not always the best advice.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. Why we all benefit from strong competition and a strong industry
  2. Which brands doing a great job and how
  3. Big box vs Boutiques
  4. The fitness industry ecosystem
  5. Get the plan, vision and values in place first
  6. The emotional attachment to .com
  7. Why ‘follow your passion’ can be a flawed mentality
  8. What’s your motivation?


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Welcome back to the Fitness Business Asia podcast and the first one of 2019. Happy new year to you – I hope you had some time off and are feeling energized and ready to take on the year

Today’s podcast is the second part of our interview with Peter Thew of Singapore’s Yoga Movement.

If you haven’t heard part 1 I highly recommend you go back to episode 13 and take a listen as we go through some really great points on branding and it’ll set you up nicely for this episode.

We start part 2 today by asking Pete about if he notices many common day to day branding mistakes…


That was the second and last part of our interview with Pete Thew. I hope you gained as much from the interview as I did. Pete’s a top bloke and I strongly recommend you take him up on his offer of coffee if you want some guidance. He might possibly regret making that now.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Pete once again for being so open with his insights. He’s created something very special with Yoga Movement so if you’re in Singapore please drop into one of his studios or if you’re elsewhere you can check out their great content at yogamovement.com – not .com.sg – and we’ve left the link to them in the shownotes.

After you sign off – please subscribe as we release a fresh new episode on the Fitness Business in Asia each and every Monday.

For now, have a great week and I’ll catch you next time…

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