FBA 13: What does it mean to create a brand with Peter Thew of Yoga Movement [Part 1 of 2]

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In episode 13, Jack sits down with Peter Thew of Yoga Movement in Singapore to talk branding and about Pete’s six and half year journey into Asia’s fitness industry. Pete co-founded Yoga Movement over 6 years ago and it’s since grown to 6 studios with exciting plans for the future.

Pete and his company have played a pivotal role in shaping Singapore’s yoga scene and fitness industry, so if you couple this with Pete’s background in branding he’s certainly someone that anyone involved in Asia’s fitness industry can learn from.

In today’s episode we discuss:

  1. Yoga Movement’s story and where it fits into the Singapore scene
  2. How the company was built around a one-word value
  3. Keep it simple!
  4. What is a brand?
  5. Marketing vs branding
  6. Sales = service
  7. Can you work out an ROI on investment in branding?
  8. Before seeking help, get 75% of the way there
  9. Our shared ‘passion’ for dissecting other brands and businesses
  10. Be careful with discounts
  11. Other mistakes we notice some other businesses making


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Welcome back to the Fitness Business Asia podcast. I’m your host, Jack Thomas, and we have a special treat for you today, an episode that I’ve been very excited about releasing since the day it was recorded.

I caught up with Peter Thew from Yoga Movement in a recent trip to his Singapore office and we talked about branding, building strong values and his company’s journey.

Pete was a great guy to meet and interview. His background is in branding and his journey with Yoga Movement has been impressive, with six locations now operating in Singapore and big things planned for the future, so there were tons of things to talk about.

Pete is very happy to share his knowledge, experience and expertise and it’s something that we dive into in the podcast.

On the day we chatted for hours and we covered some great topics before I had even hit record. Once we actually started recording we talked about:

  • How Yoga Movement was built around a one-word core value
  • The importance of keeping things simple
  • What a brand is
  • What’s the difference between branding and marketing
  • Our common trait of dissecting brands and businesses
  • And common mistakes that we see some fitness businesses making

This is just in part 1 with more topics covered in part 2, our next episode.

Whatever business you’re in, there’s something to take from this podcast, so let’s get stuck in…


There we have it – part 1 of our 2 part interview with Pete. I hope you gained as much from it as I did.

If you enjoyed today’s episode please do subscribe – we release new episodes each and every Monday through 2019, however next week, we are taking a one week break from the FBA podcast so our next episode will be launched in 2 weeks.

Where ever you are, have a great time over new year, relax, recover and let’s get ready to make 2019 our best year ever.

Catch you next time

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