182. Why we’ve partnered with Maya Agency

November 1, 2021

182. Why we’ve partnered with Maya

I’m very excited today to announce our partnership with an agency that’s played a huge role in developing and building both BASE and this podcast.

We’ve been working with Maya Agency since the very start of BASE. They helped us create a beautiful and powerful brand, but working with them has really provided a lot more than that - the process helped educate us on what it means to build, maintain and grow a brand.

I enjoyed every element of the process of building our BASE brand and learned a huge amount along the way. We had a lot of false starts and pivots but the team were really patient and definitely helped us through some tough moments.

The end result was something we were really proud of and gave us the best possible start to the business. We’ve gone on to do big things at BASE and getting the brand right was an essential first step, which is why I always advise to invest in the process and not just go for your mate who’s handy on illustrator.

Since then, Maya Agency have built our BASELINE technology which has been a big project and a big success. They’ve really sought to understand what we wanted to do with the technology and how we wanted to change the industry - and that’s helped us create something really special and groundbreaking.

Finally, they’ve created our new brand for Fitness Business Asia and we absolutely love it!

We wanted something that belonged to the BASE family but had its own unique look and feel. We wanted something colorful and lively that could expand to include our consultancy work and other future projects Like BASE, we wanted a brand that we were proud of and got us excited, and Maya delivered on all of this.

If you have any questions on branding or marketing or you’re interested to work with Maya, go to fitnessbusinessasia.com or reach out to Maya Agency directly.

We’re proud and excited to be working with Maya Agency and appreciate their support in helping us in our mission to raise the standards of the fitness industry in Asia.

Visit Maya Agency for industry-leading branding, development and marketing.