183. Why we’ve partnered with MyZone

November 1, 2021

183. Why we’ve partnered with MyZone

We’re proud to announce our partnership with MyZone - a fitness technology that I’ve been using consistently for years now and we’re excited to be bringing into the BASE experience.

MyZone are hands down the leading heart rate technology for gyms and fitness studios. On the show we want to partner with the very best companies and with this in mind MyZone were the first company we reached out to.

They’ve done a great job of gamifying fitness and group classes and, having been an avid user of the tech, I’ve seen and experienced this first hand. It’s great for consumers because it’s fun and easy to use, keeps you training consistently and keeps you connected with other MyZone users through their App.

All these things have been shown to help members feel more rewarded and it helps members train harder and get better results. I love numbers, data and targets and MyZone does all of that with loads of stats at the end of each workout but it also offers basic figures and monthly activity targets that anyone can use for motivation and to keep them going.

What do this mean for gyms? More connection with your facility, a stronger community and better retention - and that’s why we’re excited to be offering MyZone at BASE.

One of the things I love about MyZone is that they’re dedicated to innovation, which is shown in their awesome new Myzone Switch which can be used as a chest strap, arm strap or on your wrist.

Another big reason for us wanting to work with MyZone is their commitment to offering value to the industry, which is of course in line with our mission. I interviewed head of Asia Pacific Mike Beeney in episode 36 of the show and he was insistent that our interview offer as much value as possible and explore other areas of fitness technology beyond heart rate, rather than be a pitch for MyZone. I respected this and their clear dedication to building the industry up made it an easy decision to work with them.

If you have any questions on fitness technology, heart rate technology or you’re interested in finding out more about how MyZone can help your fitness studio offer some special and different, go to fitnessbusinessasia.com or reach out to MyZone directly. Links are in the notes of this episode.

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