MyZone: Leading Group Class Heart Rate Tech

November 1, 2021

MyZone - Leading Group Class Heart Rate Tech

Myzone is a wearable fitness tracker that can be work on your chest, arm or wrist.

It also offers an online social platform that shows and rewards EFFORT when you train.

MyZone displays real time heart rate, calories burned and intensity with five color coded zones, personalized to you, and has a simple rewards-based metric called MEPs, which stand for Myzone Effort Points. MEPs align with the WHO guidelines for physical activity and encourage regular exercise and pulse-raising activity.

The data can be displayed collectively for group training on a screen and offers individual stats direct to your smartphone through the MyZone app.

Millions of people use and love Myzone around the world and clubs that use MyZone see a huge uptick in retention, community and member satisfaction.

We use MyZone across all our BASE locations and, if you would like a strong USP to help you stand out and build community, we wholeheartedly recommend setting up a call with MyZone.

For Asia enquiries, contact Ron at [email protected] or hit the button below.

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